The Gay Tour - Part One

Full Historic Center Intro

Queer History & Main Monuments

*Straight Friendly

Walking Tour in Mexico City

Have fun discovering 700 years of LGBT history in Mexico City's Historic Center while enjoying the most complete introduction to town. See all the main monuments and visit many relevant sites. A must for first timers and newcomers. We take you to the scene.

$36 USD

per person

Daily 10 AM 

from our meeting point

next to Zócalo,

the main square

By reservation only.



Let's bring the real history out of the closet in an amazing two-mile and three-hour long walk! This tour is not based on fantasy but in facts and years-long research.

Come with us for the most complete introduction to Mexico and its capital city in our exclusive and only gay and LGBT focused walking tour in the Historic Center, a UNESCO World Heritage site.


Discover the city’s greatest buildings, monuments, museums and open-air spaces in its Historic Center along their queer history as we stroll past them while sharing seven centuries of stories seldom told.

In this experience, we strive to show you the hidden gay treasures which other visitors might miss.

Just One of Three Different Tours

The queer history of town is so extensive that we have three inclusive routes that make up the full LGBTour: Parts one, two and three. Each of the parts is a completely different and individual tour at a separate time and they all are at least three-hours long; we strongly recommend that you don’t take more than two on a single day. Each one requires independent reservations and tickets.


Places You will See in Part One:

Origin and Destiny

  • Mexican National Identity - Clash of civilizations, homophobia as a connecting point

  • Supreme Court of Justice - Constitutional destiny

  • City Hall - Officially an LGBT friendly city

  • Zócalo (main square) - An empire ran by men and their 500 year-old cruising street

  • First University - Alma mater to a lesbian nun

  • Old Billboard - The homophobic teachings

  • Aztec Main Temple & House of Lineage -  The deity of male sexuality and ritual baths

  • National Palace & Metropolitan Cathedral- A gay president and the “burial of his heart”

  • Saint Ildephonse & the Rooftop Hideaways- A gay gang, their fag hags & Frida Kahlo

  • Our Lady of the Pillar at Saint Mary of the Instruction - What happens in Vegas...

  • Palace of the Royal Duty - House of de la Torre, First Son-In-Law and his stable boy

  • Twink Street - The boys from the richest families

  • House of Vallarta - Namesake of the gayest beach resort

Headquarters of Terror

  • Incarnate Word, Saint Catherine, Saint Joseph and many more - City of 200 convents

  • Convent of Saint Dominic - The Watchdogs of the Lord, the church police

  • República de Brasil Street - The other rooftop hideaways in the University District

  • Palace of the Spanish Inquisition - Cotita and 300 years of death penalty for sodomites

  • Processions of Faith - The homophobic parades ending at the burning grounds

  • Royal Customs House - Gay stevedores, muleteers, travelers and sailors

  • Volcanic Stone-Walls - The hidden homophobic messages

  • Royal Inland Road (another World Heritage Site by itself) - Gay couples on the run

  • Merchants’ Portal - The untold homophobic raids

  • Open Air Market and the Slave Trade - Crossroads for men of the empire and their slaves

  • Throne of the Bitches - A modern message for the Spanish inquisition

  • Colonial Inns and Taberns - Only one man per room and the gay double-double entendre

Drag Queens’ Paradise

  • Mile of Gowns - Dresses, tiaras, crowns, high heels galore

  • Palace of the Counts of Heras & Soto - The Fallen Angel, a gay icon

  • Cantinas at Every Corner - A meeting place for men only

  • The Catholic Monuments - Bribing the Spanish Inquisition

  • One Night H(M)otels - First to host gay couples

  • Hidden Drive-Thrus - Shielding same sex couples

  • National Commission of Human Rights - A solution to police harassment

  • President Benito Juárez - The meaning of peace

  • Gay Cinema - A disappearing species

  • Our Lady of Guadalupe - A divine or a human miracle?

Playhouse District

  • Long-Gone Theatres - The gay crowd

  • The Haunted Facade - A world of musicals

  • Multiplex Live Stages - The queer plays

  • The Pearl & The Sin - Entrance to Gay Bar Row

  • The Letter J - An icon of gay culture

  • Iturbide Theatre - Site of first equal marriages in Latin America

  • Esperanza Iris Theatre - A centenary launchpad of queer stars

  • The Old Senate - World’s first constitution with equal marriage from enactment

  • The Old Asylum - A prison for rebel lesbians

  • Frou Frou Theatre - A nudes-on-stage pioneer and a gay Halloween parties favorite

  • Hidalgo Theatre - La Cage aux Folles

The Birdcages

  • National Art Museum - Home of works by ‘The Black Widower’ and his boyfriend

  • Telecom Museum - A gay man in space

  • Under the Riding King - The story of a fag hag and the even-balled horse

  • Postal Palace - Gay snakes and ladders (Chutes and Ladders), stalking in the old times

  • Pet Dogs & Nude Men - Gay architecture

  • Palace of the Counts of Orizaba - The cruisy restrooms

  • Sears Roebuck de México - The birth of the Homosexual Liberation Front

  • Palace of Bellas Artes - A present from the gay community, lying in gay state

Garden of Sinners

  • Alameda Park - 500 years of cruising and sex

  • President Benito Juárez’s Memorial - A hemicycle turned homocycle

  • BJ Monument - BJ does not stand for Benito Juárez

  • End of Tour

Not included but sometimes available upon previous agreement at an extra cost: (Please inquire with your reservation number after you get your confirmation)

  • Metropolitan Cathedral - Gay love at the top in revolutionary times

  • Department of Education - Fucked Diego Rivera or ‘The Contemporaries’ doggy style

  • Museum of Women - Women and lesbians in Mexican history

  • Museum of the Spanish Inquisition - Depiction of torture techniques, cells & dungeons

  • General Store Museum - Gay writer Carlos Monsiváis’ collections, a gay love monument

  • Palace of Iturbide - US Army barracks on gay cruising street

  • Perfume Museum - One trade to a street

The Gay Tour - Part One

Full Historic Center Intro

Queer History & Main Monuments

*Straight Friendly

Walking Tour in Mexico City

Additional Information


The LGBTour is given in English. 



Your host will be wearing a yellow shirt and cap. All of our hosts are local natives from Mexico City, speak at least two languages and have different college degrees related to the tours, are trained in first aid procedures and are willing to help you with those special questions that may arise on your visit. Some of our hosts are also nationally licensed tour guides.



Arrive on time, our visit begins at 11:00 AM on the dot, we will appreciate if you show up 15 minutes in advance. Part 1 ends at 2:00 PM Tuesday thru Sunday and, if reserved, Part 2 starts at 3:00 PM and Part 3 starts at 8:30 or 9:00 PM on Fridays and Saturdays.  The duration of each part  of our tour is approximately 3 hours, rain or shine, depending on the size of the group. In case of rain, our tour will make its best to spend as much time as possible indoors. In case of unforseen closure of streets or venues, we are always prepared with an equivalent or alternate route. 


On Part 1 of this tour you will discover 700 years of Mexican history and its gay/LGBT side and the most important monuments in the Historic Center. All of this will be seen through the LGBT traditions and practices of the Aztec Empire, 1325 AD, the Spanish Colonial Period, 1519, the Mexican Independent Period, 1810, the Modern Period, 1910 and the Current Period, 2010 and on.

Parts 1, 2 & 3 of the tour are different and complement each other. You may want to take two or all on the same day or on separate dates. Part 1 concentrates on the old history of diversity in the Historic Center and runs Tuesday thru Sunday in the mornings. Part 2 concentrates on the recent history of diversity in the Historic Center and runs Tuesday thru Sunday in the afternoons. Part 3 concentrates on the modern gayborhood of Zona Rosa and its nightlife and runs only at night after a 3 hour break finishing Part 2 on Fridays and Saturdays only. All parts also show you different aspects of diversity in today's Mexico City, including directions and guidance for nightlife and other activities.


This tour is a perfect excuse to share a history that has remained in the closet for most of its parts; helping to advance the fight for equality while getting to know two World Heritage sites, meeting new people and having fun. There is absolutely no obligation to continue on to Parts 2 or 3. 


If you have also reserved Part 2 of the tour (another 3 hours after a one hour lunch break if on same day), it will begin at 3:00 PM across Alameda Park from where Part 1 ends. Reservations are always required in advance for Part 2. 



Part 3 is always available for participants of Part 2 on Fridays and Saturdays. You may pay your guide directly after finishing Part 2. If you wish to continue on to Part 3 of the tour (another 3 hours after a 2.5/3 hour break), it will begin at 8:30 PM from end point of Part 2 and at 9:00 PM from designated spot in Zona Rosa. No reservation is required on same day when you are participating in Part 2, just let your host know. If taking Part 3 on a separate day, reservations are required.


If you wish to have lunch and are taking the first two parts on the same day, you have a one hour break in-between tours and there are plenty of restaurants, fast food joints and food stands at hand at the site.

On Fridays and Saturdays there is a 2.5/3 hour long break between parts 2 and 3, you can use it to have dinner, go back to your hotel or to join us for a chat and a couple of beers at the end point of Part 2.


Visits do not return to the starting point; Part 1 ends at Alameda Park, close to the Bellas Artes stations for either Metro or Metrobús. Part 2 begins at the entrance to Barrio Alameda Shopping Arcade and ends five blocks away at the Plaza de la Concepción by the Teatro Blanquita Metrobús station next to the Bellas Artes Metro station, and very close to the Historic Centers's Gay Bar Row. Part 3 starts at 8:30 PM from ending point of Part 2 and at 9:00 PM from designated spot in Zona Rosa and ends up by midnight at #1 Amberes gay street, across Reforma Ave. from the Embassy of the United States of America, in the Zona Rosa gayborhood.

Your host will always remain with you until he makes sure everyone has the right directions and/or help for their next destination.


In case you need to cancel, please let us know ASAP in writing or, if on same day, by phone at +52 (55) 1355-2122 (WhatsApp-enabled). In case we have to miss you, we will be very grateful if you save us extra efforts. If you don't cancel and don't show up for the tour, we will understand that you are forfeiting your right to any refund and to re-book. There are no refunds on partial and/or full advance payments for paid or private tours if you don't cancel at least seven days before the tour. If you cancel at least seven days in advance, there will be a 20% processing fee charge.    



1. Tour is by reservation only. 

2. Please wear comfortable walking shoes and come as light as possible, these are great long walks.

3. Wear something to protect you from the sun; cap, shades, sunscreen, even if it's cloudy.

4. Bring a camera, we love to show you little treasures.

5. Be willing to have some fun as we go through various eras lasting 700 years.


$36 USD per person

Daily 10 AM 

from our meeting point

next to Zócalo, the main square

By reservation only.

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