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skip-the-lines full site exploration with exquisite brunch break oe lunch

Half Day Tour from Mexico City


From the door of your accomodations and back, be guided through the treasures of this 650 acre archaeological site, "Where Men Became Gods." Take advantage of the early entrance, climb the pyramids and learn about the place's 2,000+ year old history. Have a cool brunch break or lunch at the end enjoying top authentic Mexican food and drinks at a magical setting.

$240 USD per person

Skip The Lines Daily 6:30 AM

from your accomodations and back.

By reservation only.

Welcome to Mexico at the times before Mexico. Come at dawn and discover what was the largest city in the Americas before, during and after the times of Christ. Teotihuacan is just one hour away from Mexico City, once there, a full six hour visit is needed due to its sheer 650 acre extension and the large number and size of its landmarks. It is almost impossible to visit each and everyone of its outstanding constructions in one visit, so we maximize the tour with our pre-designed, special route.

Let us show you its hidden treasures, like the mural paintings of the gigantic metropolis, while you enjoy your exclusive visit with a better understanding and appreciation of the complex archaeological site. Amaze yourselves with one of the best examples of sculpture and paint from this ancient civilization at the basement of the feathered serpent and of the heavenly waters deities' temple. Climb the pyramids, explore palaces and abandoned structures, feel immersed in ancient times.

During the morning there will be appropiate stops for rest, water, photo-ops and restrooms. We will make sure that the memories of Teotihuacan, never leave you. This tour takes place rain or shine. In rain conditions our guide will make its best to remain indoors at the site's various indoor museums with magnificent views of Teotihuacan.

This activity includes the Pyramid of the Sun, the Palace of the Jaguars, the Pyramid of the Moon, the Quetzalpapalotl complex, the Citadel with its basement of the feathered serpent and of the heavenly waters deities' temple, the super-imposed buildings, the Avenue of the Death, the Western compound, the local in-site Museum and a magical top authentic Mexican brunch or lunch, and drinks.




Teotihuacan at Dawn tour is available in English or Spanish. You will be asked to choose a language when you make your reservation.


Your host will pick you up you personally at your hotel or accomodations. All of our hosts are local natives from Mexico City, speak at least two languages and have different college degrees related to the tours, are trained in first aid procedures and are willing to help you with those special questions that may arise on your visit. Some of our hosts are also nationally licensed tour guides.


Be on time, you will be picked up at 6:30 AM on the dot, we will appreciate if you come out 15 minutes in advance as there may not be parking available and the car mayhave to go around the block while waiting. Tour ends at 1:30 PM.

The duration of our tour on site is approximately 5 hours, rain or shine, depending on your personal choices. In case of rain, our tour will make its best to spend as much time as possible indoors. In case of unforseen (force majeure) closures, we are always prepared with an equivalent or alternate route to similar sites in Tepantitla, Tlalmimilolpan, Acolman and Tepexpan.


On this tour you will discover more than 2,000 years of the history of Central Mexico at the heart of the country. The most important monuments in the Teotihuacan site are the Pyramid of the Sun, the Pyramid of the Moon and the Citadel complexes which include other important buildings and structures and we visit them all while we walk along the Avenue of the Death with short car rides along the way. By 10:00 AM we take a lunch break at a magical setting where we will enjoy top authentic Mexican fare and drinks in a full service lunch, if you're not hungry yet, brunch may be exchanged for lunch at 12:30. The tour includes transportation in a private car from your accomodations and back as well as to the restaurant and through the 650 acre site. You are alway welcomed to ask for additional stops along the way, like those at handicrafts and souvenir shops or restrooms of which there are many, strategically located in our special route.  


Teotihuacan may be very cold in the morning and evenings and very hot during the day, year round. During the northern-hemisphere summer please bring a light jacket with you, during winter we recommend long pants and a not-so-heavy warmer jacket.


Other than souvenirs that you may buy, most everything is included. The price includes transportation all the way from within Mexico City limits to Teotihuacan and back as well as at selected parts of the tour. Chauffeur and Tour Guide at all times. Toll fees. Entrance tickets. One entry and one main course dishes, two drinks of your choice. Bottled water. Hand-held cams and smallwidgets are free of charge, professional equipment like tripods is subject to a special permit which may or may not be available and/or fees which are NOT INCLUDED. 


In case you need to cancel, please let us know ASAP in writing or, if on same day, by phone at +52 (55) 1355-2122 (whatsapp-enabled). In case we have to miss you, we will be very grateful if you save us extra efforts. If you don't cancel and don't show up for the tour, we will understand that you are forfeiting your right to any refund and to re-book. There are no refunds on partial and/or full advance payments for paid or private tours if you don't cancel at least seven days before the tour. If you cancel at least seven days in advance, there will be a 20% processing fee charge.    




1. Tour is by reservation only.  

2. Please wear comfortable walking shoes and come as light as possible, this is one long walk and, if you wish, hike.

3. Wear something to protect you from the sun; cap, shades, sunscreen, even if it's cloudy.

4. Bring a camera, we love to show you little treasures.

5. Be willing to have some fun as we go through various eras lasting 2,000+ years.

Teotihuacan at Dawn ©

skip-the-line full site exploration with exquisite brunch break or lunch

Half Day Tour from Mexico City

$240 USD per person

Skip the Line Daily 6:30 AM

from your accomodations and back.

By reservation only.


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